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"Let His Blues Heal Your Soul"

The Killer Cats, formed by Robbie in 2010 as a wild and untamed Blues 'n' Roll band and they continue to perform throughout the UK. Depending on location or requirements determines the Band lineup. 

Current members of the band are Robbie Reay - Vocals and Guitar, Russ Field - Bass, Will Cran - Harmonica, Robert Thompson - Drums, Matt Long - Guitar & Bass, Houndog Fraser- Double Bass, Jock Leathen - Drums. Official Dancer - Jolly Roger - Tambourine . 

Former band members include Dan Richardson - Guitar, Chris Maynard - Guitar, Yves Martin - Guitar, Brian Martin - Bass & Harmonica, Gary Forrest - Keys.

A blues super-group if ever there was one - New Yorks finest, Al Grigg and the legendary Robbie Reay and friends come together as The Ramblin' Ponies!

Its always a very special show with this acclaimed group of blues artistes who combine to give a very rare live show together, spotlighting their individual talents and taking you on a journey through the blues!

Be sure not to miss these artists performing together in the future.